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June 06, 2009


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cynthia newbern

You are a sweet wonderful mother friend and Im so blessed to know you and have ou in my life. I know life can be hard and its hard to let go of the wheel, but its good togive it to the Lord. he can take you to places where you nevr thought you could be at...let alone be accpeted. You need to let go of those ppl that only hurt you and dont challenge you as a person. Those that dont pray for your wonderful husband and kids. thoe that really care about what they will get out of the reationship then what they can give you. You do sooo much even for me! Thank you for being there. thank you for loving my girls and being a wonderful friend. The Lord blessed you with 3 wonderful boys and a wonderful husband. I love that you started to use a calming voice it helps! they will not be yellers they will be amazing men! keep on prying for wisdom and the Lord will give it to you!


have u decided on your career path? r u back in school? if u think you have the potential to be something greater in life (in addition to being a mom/wife), then do something about it. u know u can.

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